Three Month Course

Duration of course – 3 months

In this class, children will learn how to swim the strokes of Freestyle (with side breathing) and Backstroke. Swim Strokes is drill-oriented and follows these skill progressions during each class:

  • Further practice of breath control
  • Flutter kicking with kickboard, and in streamline on tummy and back
  • Stationary side breathing
  • 1-arm Freestyle with side breathing
  • Freestyle with side breathing
  • Back stroke
  • Start from block
  • Free style roll in water

Graduate Skills:

Swim 25 feet Freestyle, demonstrating at least 3 side breaths Swim 15 feet Backstroke on the surface of the water. Kick 25 M on the back, without a pool aid, with the arms at the sides. Kick 25M on the stomach in streamline, without a noodle.


graduating from this, you may choose to take Advanced Swim Strokes or Strokes school..