Competitive Level

The Stage of Preliminary Sport Preparation Objectives

  • Identification of basic morphological criteria (e.g., body type, proportions, height, weight, buoyancy) and some elementary characteristics of motor talent for swimming.
  • Formation of a stable interest toward swimming.
  • Learning of basic swimming techniques and a wide variety of motor skills.
  • Health improvement.

The Stage of Basic Training Objectives

  • Development of general motor abilities and a functional foundation for swimming.
  • Identification of the most gifted young swimmers on the basis of morphological criteria, indications of endurance, and pulling strength of a general and specific nature.
  • Perfection of technical swimming skills in all strokes with gradual specialization in at least two strokes.
  • Formation of a positive attitude toward regular training.

The Stage of Specialization Objectives

  • To raise the general functional level and prepare for maximal training workloads.
  • To perfect the technical and tactical skills to autonomic level.
  • To develop strong acceptance of and stable motivation toward intensive training and full commitment toward swimming.

The Stage of Excellence Objectives

  • To master individualized training workloads that will result in high performance levels.
  • To maintain a high level of general functional abilities.
  • To maximize special functional and motor abilities, and technical and tactical skills.
  • To maintain strong motivation toward competing.